Field Trip to Robinson's Magnolia

After reading and hearing so much about Robinson's Magnolia, me and the BOS had a free afternoon after a meeting, deliveries, and lunch with SoMoms, we headed our way to Robinson's Magnolia since we were already in the area.

Robinson's Magnolia is where the old Magnolia House used to be. I only have memories of the place but I know what it looks like as we passed by it every time we go Greenhills.

I love that the parking is brightly lighted unlike the other Robinsons malls. Ang ayoko lang is you have to pay for parking first inside the mall. Parang Ang hassle non!

But but but... I love the mall! It's the most soshal Robinson's mall! High ceiling, big spacious walk ways, at hindi nakakahilo ikutin (unlike the new soshal mall in this side of my town) hehe!
Yes, obviously late na tong post ko. Hehe!
One of the shops we went to was Gourdo's! It was their sale and I'm on the lookout for cake stands and cupcake stands. And for some I-don't-really-need-but-if-with-a-good-price-I-will-buy-it kitchen stuff! 
Great deals at Gourdo's!
I also noticed some interesting stores!
I didn't know Aeropostale was brought in!
PJs Sleepwear! I want to go back and check this out!
We didn't had the chance to check out the restos outside. I want to go back for Thai Bistro and Yabu! We will surely be back here in the near future!

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