A&D Eats: Sariwon Korean Barbeque

When me and my college barkada do a meet up, it's usually over food. Who doesn't love to eat??? Even during our college days, we (the girls) would always eat at different restaurants during lunch or merienda before we took our departmental exams later at night.
In the car, on our way
Two Sundays ago, we had at lunch at Sariwon Korean Barbeque. (Thanks to the BOS's GCs!) We had to wait for a few minutes because it was lunch time and it was full! A very good sign that the reviews I read are indeed true!

But first! Here's something about Sariwon:

Sariwon has become synonymous with serving legendary Bulgogi since its beginnings in 1938. The restaurant was established by grandmother Mrs. Bun-Im Koo from the town of Sariwon in North Korea, who developed an extraordinary broth recipe for Korean traditional beef barbecue or Bulgogi. Made from 12 different kinds of fruits and vegetables and prepared in complete disregard of sugar, it was created with love for her diabetic husband.
Mrs. Koo opened her first restaurant with twenty seats serving friends and neighbors. More than seventy years and two generations later, Sariwon has grown into a powerful, multi-awarded presence in South Korea with its main branch having over 500 square meters and 350 seats. Awarded "Best Korean Restaurant" by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Sariwon's perennial popularity and devoted following are a tribute to Mrs. Koo revolutionizing the traditional art of Bulgogi. Aside from the best-selling bulgogi, Sariwon is also famed for its galbi or barbecued beef short ribs, with the New York Times proclaiming it as “the most tender and succulent in Seoul.”
We were seated in two separate tables but it doesn't feel like it because of the dividers. Feels like we were in a private room.

So on with the food! They served us mini plates of appetizers as any Korean restaurant would serve.
I had their house blend ice tea
The BOS ordered this.. Tofu something. Sorry can't remember the name! Siya kasi nagorder! Haha
Spicy Tofu
Dak Galbi which came with a special sauce and lettuce that you'll use to wrap the chicken. Yummy! The chicken was delicately marinated overnight with their special sauce!
Japchae. It was good. (serving was small, not really worth the price)
Korean Hot Pot, goof for 4-5 people
And the star! Galbi! Super duper good! Meat was tender and juicy. This was grilled in front of us.

Price is a bit on the higher side. But food was great! Friends and my sister went a week after because of our IG photos! Hihi!
Nice seeing you guys!
For more info:
East Block, Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave cor 29th Street, Taguig City
Now Serving daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. 
(02) 621-3205 / 0915-9009272
You can view their menu here.

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  1. i like the taste of their japchae and galbi...