The Frustrated Photographer: ME!

I've always like photography. I have several film cameras, 2 SLR, 1 TLR, a lot of lomo cameras which are gathering dusts. The BOS has his own camera collection. I still have a stash of films (yes they still exist!) in the fridge. I'm hoping 1 day I'd get back to my old hobby and start shooting again.

For now, I'm using my iPhone 3GS and my trusty LX3 for all my photos in the blog and for taking photos of the kids. I want to own a DSLR again!

Anyways, I want to share to you some of the photos I took during my recent trip to Hong Kong! All in black and white which I find more dramatic and romantic. I love the contrast!
That's it! I hope you guys liked it and I hope I can do another blog entry like this again!

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