My Family Makes Me Who I Am

I really feel blessed for my kids today. I never thought I'd have kids but the universe heard what I really wanted and gave them to  me. :)

This may not be the set-up I want to be in, a working mom, and sometimes I can't help but be a bit green with envy with my sisters (one is a housewife, while the other work-at-home mom) and they have all the time in the world to spend it with their kids. That's why weekend are sacred to me, even if I wanted to go out with my friends or just go to the mall, I chose to stay at home with them. No regrets.

I'm a wife, homemaker and a mom in progress. I don't know how other women juggle all these roles. And some doesn't have a nanny pa. My budgeting skills are nowhere near any of you, if you see my Excel file, it's empty. Haha! I wish the BOS and I can have more date nights instead. Ang lapit na ng Lucky Chinatown sa amin. No need to go to Makati for a date.

I've been busy with something. Finding my niche. Igniting my passion. I'm really hoping for the best. Crossing my fingers, legs, eyes, lahat na! LOL!

And at the end of the day, my inspiration, my family is still the one thing makes me who I am, makes me whole. There may be ups and downs, toddler meltdowns, baby colic, plus things really get crazy in this house, but it's the only place in the planet where I always want to be.


  1. Love this post! I can relate, especially with the 2nd to the last paragraph!

  2. Thanks Trisha! :)

  3. looks like Y gained weight... :)

  4. Really? Yay! :)