Hong Kong Sojourn Part 2

This was our view from our room.
Woke up around 8AM. We took our baths and ate a light breakfast (bread from Wellcome and milk). Mom and achi went to the bank while I stayed at the hotel and watched CSI, Jane By Design and Glee on TV. But then I got hungry, so I went to IKEA just below our hotel, went around to see what I can buy then bought Swedish Meatballs (9HKD for 5pcs) and coffee (HKD7 with 1 free refill) and brought it back in our room.
I stayed here the longest time, thinking of what I should get for the kids.
They were done in the bank by lunch so we walked to Din Tai Fung near Regal Hotel and had our lunch. One of the best meals I had on this trip!
They did the ordering. Taga-lamon lang ako. Hehe!
Instruction how to eat xiao long bao
Duck's Tongue... Uhmm hindi ko type.
Cold Soya Milk!
Pork Xiao Long Bao. DA BEST!
Sarap this noodles!
Nothing special about this porkchop but the rice was yum!
We had a very filling lunch. I enjoyed eating there. It's the best xiao long bao I've tasted so far! After having lunch, we rode the MTR going to Tsim Sa Tsui. We went to few stores that sells pre-loved designer bags, watch stores, and shopped at H&M in Silvercord where I bought Y a lot of clothes.

Then we went to this DFS building where they again browsed bags and watches. I really have no interest on these kinds of things. I really have no patience while they loved going from one store to another! :p 
And by the time we went to Ocean Terminal, we need to pump again. We went to their Baby Center to pump. It's probably one of the nicest breastfeeding station I've been! Take a look at the photos!
There's 3 private rooms like this where you can pump and feed. There's also a common place outside.
It's cozy! There's also a wash area, play area and changing area. Didn't take photos anymore as there were people inside. After pumping, we saw this crepe place, Mazazu Crepe!
We had the peaches and cream and strawberry with ice cream crepes! It's super yummy! Mazazu Crepe is a franchise of a Japanese crepe chain. Their soft serve ice cream is famous too. A bit expensive but promise, it's nothing like the local one we have. Hehe :)

On our way back to ride the MTR back to Causeway Bay, we passed by a Jean-Paul Hevin store, which I remembered I read about from Chuvaness
This was in Harbour City.
We tried out their macarons, chocolate, pistachio and vanilla. I had the chocolate, which tastes like heaven! Walang sinabi the local macarons I've tried. It's super moist and soft!
We also bought chocolate lollipops which until now I haven't eaten. I'll share the lollipop with the BOS!
We went straight to dinner at Tsui Wah in Causeway Bay after a tiring day at Tsim Sha Tsui. That's it for Part 2!

You can read about Tsui Wah here and my Hong Kong Sojourn Part 1 here! There's still Part 3 about my trip so please stay tuned for that!

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