Great Finds At Rustan's Red Tag and Saizen

One of my thrills is to find great bargains, deals or discounts! And one of the stores I like to visit from time to time is Rustan's Red Tag which is located at Robinson's Place Ermita. Almost everything inside is ON SALE! From branded clothes to baby toys, kitchen needs and more! Did you know I once bought a long gown from Php18,500 to Php950 only?? What a steal right? Plus it also houses some of my favorite brands like FCUK and Culte Femme. Although the stocks are from past seasons, I don't mind at all!

And these are some of the things I want to go back for:
Other things you can see...
Shoes and more shoes!
Bargain hunt starts here!
And the best find for that day was my gift to my niece! A set of glass plate, bowl and glass! Super duper cute and very very cheap! I can't believe my eyes so I bought it right away!
Next stop was Saizen! A wasteland of anik-aniks. Even if you have no intentions of buying anything, you won't go out of Saizen empty handed!
Birthday candles!
I'm going back for these cute plates!
I want to go back on the next payday, I wonder what will I see at Saizen and Rustan's Red Tag. These stores are also great for your early Christmas shopping!

How about you? Where do you find your best bargains? Care to share?

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  1. How cool! Layo lang ng Ermita from my place. Hehe.