Weaning and Shifting

When I got pregnant with R, I had to stop breastfeeding because I had pre-term labor when I was 5 months pregnant with Y. My dreams of tandem feeding was crushed! Anyways, Y was already 1 when I got pregnant. I stopped pumping but I continued to nurse her at night until she was 14 months. We didn't have problems weaning from the breast as she was already having occasional formula (goat's) milk when I was having low milk supply. I tried giving her fresh goat's milk and fresh cow's milk but she refused. She won't drink it so we resorted to (as much as I didn't like the idea) formula milk. My mom would buy her formula milk by box (yes, by the box!). Her formula milk was so sweet, full of sugar talaga, and that's one reason I don't like formula milk.

This week, we're on the last can and last few scoops of Y's formula milk. I didn't buy another can because I want Y to wean off formula milk already and hopefully the bottle too. I want her to shift to fresh milk already. I don't want to be a formula milk slave anymore!

But the thing is, she likes to nurse/feed before going to sleep. She asks for dede in the middle of the night pa. Pwede bang sakin na lang ulit siya dumede? Ang dami kong problema noh?
Reason for weaning?
1. She's 24 months already. She may be a picky eater but I don't want her or me to give milk as a substitute for a balanced meal.
2. Based on what I read, kids of 24 months and up only need 16oz of milk a day. So technically, that's 2 glasses.
3. I want her to drink from a glass or cup. Is buying a new glass or cup going to be effective?
4. I think if I continue with formula milk, mabubulok ang teeth ng anak ko with the nipple and the sugar content of the milk, even if she's brushing her teeth!
5. Para mabawasan na ang huhugasang bottles!

I bought fresh milk from the grocery. I've already inquired from Holly's Milk and Milk Man, they really don't deliver to my area!
I'm trying out a batch of fresh milk from a Twitter friend. I'm having them delivered to my office. So, I'm inquiring again Holly's and Milkman if they can deliver to my office instead!

I hope this weaning and shifting would be smooth. If not, I won't force it but I certainly will not buy another can of milk. I hope I don't eat my words.

Mommies, any tips for me?

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