My IKEA Dream List

The kids' room is (still) under renovation and we're in the process of thinking what should be put inside the room. All I can think about are the toys I want to buy for Y and R that they both can share.

I want to get them a kitchen set! The BOS and I have been looking for one, we saw one we liked at GB5 over the weekend. Price is quite alright but we're still looking for more options. I also want to get an easel!

I'm going on a trip on October and I thought why not check IKEA out! So last night, I went to IKEA HK'swebsiteto check out stuff I want and its prices so I'll know more or less how much I'll be spending! (As if may pera!) Hay so many cute toys and not expensive! I want to buy them all but of course I can't!

First, I want a set of a table and 2 chairs for Y and R where they can read, color, play, etc.

Kritter Table HKD 69.9

Kritter Chair HKD 79.9
Then this easel also for arts and crafts!

Mala Easel HKD 279.9
I also want this mini armchair!

Poang Childrens Armchair HKD 399
As for the toys..
For Achi Y... but can also be for Shoti R would like to play chef

Duktig Mini Kitchen HKD 599

Duktig Top Section HKD 200

Duktig Cookware Set HKD 99.9

Duktig Kitchen Utensil Set HKD 49.9

Duktig Coffee Tea Set HKD 79.9

Duktig Baking Set HKD 99.9

Duktig Dessert Set HKD 79.9

Duktig Vegetable Set HKD 79.9

Duktig Breakfast Set HKD 79.9
Super cute right? The kid me in is jumping up and down with excitement with this kitchen set!

For Shoti R...

Duktig Workbench HKD 499

Duktig Tool Belt HKD 69.9

Duktig Toolbox HKD 79.9

Lilabo Train Set HKD 169.9

Lilabo Play Mat HKD 149.9
I honestly don't know if I would buy this all. It would their early Christmas gift!

Now that I have an idea what I want to buy, I looked for a balikbayan box service in HK. I will tell you all about it if this purchase pushes thru!

I really wish someone would bring in IKEA in the Philippines already!

*All photos are from IKEA HK


  1. Great toys! I want those for my kids too. :D I think there's someone selling Ikea stuff here in Manila. Just not sure where but I think they have an online shop on Multiply.

  2. I know a few online stores that sells IKEA stuff. But since I'm going on a trip this October. I'll buy it myself :) Cheaper :)

  3. Loving all the toys and furniture! I'd like some of those for my kids' room as well. Kaso malaking gastos!

  4. true! thats why im thinking what i should and should not buy!

  5. Asia Ikeas have the most expensive stuff compared to other Ikeas around the world. Can you believe how much lang Ikea stuff are priced in other parts of the world? Sigh, I wish they would build an Ikea here too, but I heard that the location requirements of Ikea are strict. They need to have 2 major highways that are accessible to their store. Parang wala nun dito. Hmmm, maybe in Angeles, Pampanga kaya (NLEX, SCTEX).