Y's 2nd Birthday Plans

Last year this time, I was planning Y's baptism and birthday party. You can read about the party and suppliers here. It was a bit grand but not really. Hehe!

There's a Plan A and a Plan B.

Plan A is a party! I enjoyed doing DIYs fr Y's birthday party last year (read it here) that I wanted to DIY everything this year. Good luck sakin! I'm planning a small party for the kids here in our compound, 15 kids only. A fun and simple cupcake decorating activity for them then spaghetti and chicken lollipops to eat after!

Something like this! Except it will be cupcakes! Fun!
These are my pegs. Of course, it's pinterest as my inspiration board. I really wanted to have a giant cupcake for Y! Dito talaga ako naaliw! Still scouting for someone/a baker to do it, I found one but I'm still looking!
All images from my Pinterest
So cute the giant cupcakes, right??

Plan B is an out of town trip for the family! We've been wanting to do this for so long. We want to go to Baguio! And stay at Manor even if it's just for the weekend! 
From Google Images
And yearly, they have a promo during the rainy season! I got this from their website. It would be nice to spend a few days in Baguio with just my family or maybe with my sister's family and get a 2-Bedroom Suite!
If all else fails, we'll just have a day out in the city then a lunch or dinner out with the family! I got a month to prepare and decide!

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