I Can Be So Lucky!

Can't think of a nice title so I used the line from Kylie Minogue's song... Hehe

Last Wednesday, August 15, 2012 was the grand launch of Lucky Chinatown. I was lucky (see what I just did there?! LOL) enough to be invited! And lucky that I live near the mall so I didn't have to take the shuttle that was offered. I left 9:25AM here and got to the mall in 20 minutes!

I was kind of worried that I would be alone and not know anyone when I got there. I was tweeting with April and Jackie before I left home hoping to see them there. I was so relieved when I saw Jackie at the registration booth, I introduced myself. She's so nice and pretty! We clicked instantly and started chatting about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and motherhood.

We were given these lucky charm bracelet to wear! Cute noh?

We roamed around a bit, there were so many people!
We had a few pizza and iced tea then we settled on seats at the back. The program started around 11AM with President Noynoy Aquino making the grand entrance. Hosts of the event was Tim Yap and the ever fabulous Tessa Prieto Valdes!
Andrew Tan, President and CEO of Megaworld, gave his speech where he talked about the establishment, the impact of the mall to the community and in the area.
Followed by a dragon dance and the dotting of the dragon eyes which was done by the President then the President gave his speech.
The President giving his speech
After his speech and exiting the venue, we were entertained a group of aerialist performers, then a great shadow play performance by El Gamma Penumbra where they showed how the mall came about and the different brands that is housed in Lucky Chinatown.
Aerialist Performance
El Gamma Penumbra
And finally a fashion show from lifestyle brands from Lucky Chinatown. The fashion show was a bit long which I somehow enjoyed but I got tired taking photos of each model from each of the brands. Hehe! Still, I'm sharing the photos I took! I haven't took so many photos for the longest time!
I just had to include this photo of Ria Bolivar! She's so fierce! I wish I'm as thin as her!
I love this dress!!! Sana meron pa yan!
The Final Walk!
Then a confetti shower!!!
The program ended at 1PM. Jackie was first to left. April and I left at the same time. And on our way out we saw Daryl Chang. I had to take a picture! I want a picture with her sana but I was shy! :p
You can have your photos taken with this guy! Scary.
April and I parted ways. I had to do some errands before going home. I took this photo from the 2nd floor. This was after the grand launch. Empty seats.
After running errands, bought my lunch (Happy Lemon and Jamaican Patty), and went home. I had a nice morning at the launch. It was great meeting fellow bloggers! I'm taking advantage of my last two weeks of maternity leave, attending as many events while I can.

We got to take home a favor bag plus chocolates!!!
Thank you ARC Publications for inviting me and for the treats! I get to be a "media" for a day! CHOS.


  1. I just remembered, we didn't have picture together! :( We should do this next time. :)

  2. oo nga! next time! :)

  3. Lovely meeting you! & April! Super chikahan kulang pa! Heehee I hope to see you soon! Thanks Cai!

  4. Oo nga! See you after you give birth? :)