Small Joys + An OOTD

Yesterday was a full day for us. Kids had their monthly check-up. R had his tongue tie released (great relief for me!) .
Y playing at home before we left
It's been awhile since we took Y out. Wawa naman. I remembered they have those animal rides that Y can ride. So after R's doctor's appointment, we went to Lucky Chinatown!

Y was still sleeping when we got there so we went around first and I'm so happy to see Happy Lemon!!! Just because I was craving for bubble tea for so long since gelai! Serenitea and Bubble Tea still tops my list for my go-to milk tea!
Stores I didn't see the first time I went.
Cache Cache - first time I heard of this store
Bench is open and other Bench owned brands like Kasheica, Fix Salon, Human. I also saw Mary Grace restaurant and Kirin both now open. Can't wait for Cotton On to open!

UCC is also now open! Yay! Chocolate French Toast is now 15 minutes away from me (kung walang traffic!)
Went to Mango, browsed some clothes but bought nothing. Y woken up na by then so we took Y to ride the animal thing. I thought it was the one that moves by itself, hindi pala. She didn't know how to operate it so yaya and papa had to push her, while I sat on the benches with R. Php80 for 15 minutes was enough to make our little one happy!
We decided to go home after that bit first we bought coffee beans at Starbucks (where yaya recommended which ones are good, winner ka yaya!), and on our way up I saw a Mochiko kiosk! I've been wanting to try this for so long, so I don't have to go very far! We bought a box, yay!
I also bought Happy Lemon for me and yaya. So happy!
Ah.. Small joys!

And to end this post, an OOTD (outfit of the day) which I haven't done in so long. Kahit pambahay ang suot, kebs na lang! LOL! I look so fat!
H&M Striped S/L Top, UO Shorts, Orange Havaianas, Cuzo Bag

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