Lucky Buntis I Was

I never really believed the phrase "swerte ang buntis" until with this pregnancy.

I join blog giveaways only when I like/want/need/love the product being given away. I don't expect to win because I'm not really lucky in any kind raffles or contests... Until when I was pregnant with R!

First was I won a Manila Baby Shop's lunch box from Martine's giveaway! We have been using this for Y's food, milk and snacks for short trips to the mall.
Second was I won a pair of Jelly Nelly's from Mommy Pages giveaway! I'm excited to use this one! Third was an Aqueduck also from Martine's blog sponsored by Babies to Toddles online store! Yay! I'll use this one when Y's a little bit bigger or else she'll just play with water!
Last but certainly not the least, and the biggest contest and prize I've joined and won was My Zalora Wishlist! The prize was really great that I just tried my luck. I really really wanted to win, the shopping and the prizes really got me excited! So I was really ecstatic when I found out I won! Just 4 days before I gave birth! I would have jumped with joy if I can! Haha!
And so, Thank you to the people who sponsored the giveaways I've joined! Ü I was really a lucky buntis!

PS. I won another giveaway by Didi! So yay!