Preparing for "The Day"

The bigger I get, the lazier I am to move. I can't wait to give birth! We got 5 weeks to go, 8 more lessons to go on my Baby Plus (will do a review soon!). There are still a few things that still needs to be cross out from my list.

First, I gave my fairly new crib to my best friend who's due to give birth anytime. Don't panic! We'll be using Y's old Graco playard for the little guy. I had a new foam/mattress made for the playard. We had a bed made for Y, I don't know if she'll sleep in it on her own in her room or am I ready yet to not co-sleep with her.

Second, a new chest drawer for the little guy's clothes. We'll have one made too, I think. Sana umabot. Or else, I don't know where to put his clothes! The kids' room is a mess! I'll have his clothes washed in June.

Third, schedule my maternity photoshoot! It may not look it, I don't take weekly photos of my belly bump but I like to keep a memory of what I look like while pregnant. Plus it will be a family shoot too!

Fourth, prepare my hospital bag! I need to find my old hospital bag list. I've already organized papers that I need to bring to the hospital (marriage contract, laboratory results, Philhealth, SSS, etc.)

Fifth, I really don't know how I'll manage when the baby comes. How do I divide my attention to 2 kids? I'm afraid I'll go crazy. Haha! I don't know how Y will be or react once the baby is in the house. She's very protective of me! Baka she'll get mad when I breastfeed her shoti. Waah! We tell her that she's going to be an achi and the baby inside my tummy is her shoti. She rubs my tummy (more like my belly button, then she'll laugh) and kiss it too. I really hope they get along! Both have strong Chinese zodiac pa naman, a tiger and a dragon!

I really don't know if this entry makes any sense. But I'm anxious and excited to meet the little guy. I just don't know what will happen after!

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