Must-Buy Breastfeeding Essential: Techni Ice

Last week, while I was going through my checklist, I saw that I haven't bought ice packs yet! My achi who's also breastfeeding (clap! clap!) also needs ice packs for when she's out and needs to pump.

All working moms who breastfeed and pump at work know that ice packs are one of the essentials to keep those precious breast milk cool while in the office or while in transit from the office to the house.

After I gave birth to Y, I bought my first Techni Ice from at Php250 for 1 sheet (of 12 small blocks). It served me well but after using and abusing it for about a year, it had tears and I had to to throw them away.

This time, I was supposed to buy again from the same ebay seller, then I remembered Michelle of My Mom Friday blogged about Techni Ice! And so I hopped over to her blog and checked out where she got it from! It was from and then I saw this promo!!! Good thing I didn't because I was buying for achi too.
Buy 3 sheets for Php500 only plus get a mug for free! Shop here!

But note that it will be coming from Cebu. I thought I had it wrong at first pero tama pala. Shipping was Php120. Everything was done online, very easy! Shipping took 2 days.
I was so happy when I opened the package and the ice sheets were bigger than the first ones I bought before! 24 blocks in 1 sheet. Size is about 11x16 inches. Super sulit for Php500 for 3 sheets na! Hurry their promo is until June only!


  1. Great stuff! I used  a similar type when I was still pumping BM on the go! This looks more space-saving and light, though. :)

  2. applesanddumplingsJune 3, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    It's space-saving but not at all light. Haha! I still love using it. Better than those blue thingies.