So yesterday morning, the yaya announced that she will leave and go back home. I was surprised, but then, not really.

I already have plans for firing her next month, after she paid her loan. I was looking for her replacement already. Then something happened the other day which I think made her decide to leave yesterday.

This was the third yaya of Y. She was the replacement of her daughter-in-law who got pregnant so I had to let her go. She was ok at first, but eventually her work started to be just so-so. I don't know if it's because of her age, or she's just lazy, she doesn't really want to work anymore... Then she borrowed money for her daughter's tuition which I lent her, then borrowed more for family emergency. At first, I understood her situation which is why I lend her money. But then she started to get lazy... and neglecting her work then Y started getting into (minor) bump accidents which I think is normal for a very active and makulit toddler but it was getting too often... And every time something happens, all she says is "Sorry, hindi na mauulit next time"

Right when I hired this yaya, my mom told me to install a nanny cam so I can monitor the yaya and Y while I'm at the office or while we're not at home. Good thing we did! The other day, on our way home from the office, the BOS told me that my SIL told him Y got into another bumping accident. Nahulog daw sa sofa. Mother's instinct, I felt that this is something serious, something major. The BOS said not to say anything when we get home and see if the yaya would tell us what happened, the truth. When we got home, after a few minutes, the yaya told us that Y fell from the sofa, she told us what happened. I didn't believe her, if she was just sitting beside Y, how can she fall if she was really looking.

This is how our conversation went:
Y: Naglilikot kasi siya. Tumatayo sa sofa. Tapus biglang nahulog, hindi ko na inabot.

Me: Magkatabi na nga kayo, hindi mo pa nahabol?

Y: Hawak ko kasi yun pagkain nya. Pinapakain ko.

Me: Bakit hindi mo binaba o hinagis yun pagkain para masalo mo si Y? Nagtetext ka ba non?

Y: Hinde, pinapakain ko lang.

Me: Malakas ba pagka-untog? Umiyak si Y?

Y: Namula, umiyak. Nilagyan ko ng ice kanina.

What I forgot to ask her was, were they watching TV when that happened. I was really doubting what she said and malakas kutob ko that it was more than that. So when everybody was asleep, the BOS and I reviewed the nanny cam. And yun nga, her eyes was glued to the TV. Y was standing up and being makulit, but she can sit her down naman, and she didn't! Then ayun nga.. nahulog and Y hit her head at the corner of on our sofas. Good thing there was no bruise or bumps and it didn't hurt her eye. It hurts so much for me see what happened. I cried. And makes me want to quit my work already and stay at home to take care of Y.

After watching, the BOS told me to wake the yaya. Ayan na. The BOS never talks or reprimand any of our helpers or yaya. I'm always the one who do it. But this time, na-highblood ng bonggang bongga si BOS. I woke the yaya up and told her to come out. I was stopping myself from crying but I can't so I went inside our room and left the two of them in our sala. The BOS let the yaya watch the nanny cam, and asked her what really happened. Makakapag-sinungaling pa ba siya? Nag speech ang BOS. The yaya said sorry. And this is what the BOS said "Walang kwenta ang sorry, bata yang inaalagaan mo. Pinagkatiwala sayo yun bata para alagaan mo."
Which is true naman. I think the yaya cried after. I didn't really care. Then the next morning she announced that she'll be leaving na and that she can't take care of Y anymore. Hello?! Kung hindi mo kayang alagaan, you should have told me way before so I could find a replacement! Kung kelan nagsalita ang asawa ko, tsaka ka magsasabi na hindi mo na kaya? I didn't really care anymore. Edi umalis ka. She talked to Y din, she was crying while talking to Y. I was getting annoyed with her na. She packed her things, I checked them of course. When she was at the door, Y started crying. I picked her up at binulungan ko "Wag mong iyakan si Y, hindi yun worth it!" Then she stopped crying. Good thing she's not attached to the yaya.

Why is it so hard to find a good yaya nowadays? No joke! It's hard to find someone you can trust. Mahirap pag may cellphone sila, may FB or may boyfriend sila. HAY! Now I'm yaya-less and looking for one. Good thing I have extra help but only til next month... As much as I want to do everything, giving her a bath, feeding her, and all that.. I really can't anymore. I'm big as an elephant! I need a new yaya ASAP!


  1. Patty B. BalquiedraApril 27, 2012 at 9:49 AM

    Hope you find a good one soon. Sigh. 

  2. I hope so too.. Hay.

  3. Hello! A long-time reader here. I've been having yaya problems as well. I hope you find a good yaya. Can I ask you about the nanny cam? I've been wanting to install a cctv as well. 

  4. Hi Cris! Thanks for reading my blog! I already emailed you regarding the nanny cam! :)

  5. Hi. Please do share where you got your nanny cam. I have 3 kids so 3 yayas. All the problems you can think of with having a house help I have had that. 2 of them would be leaving in May to continue studying so I might be having a hard time next month. If only I'm a full time mom, then that won't be a problem. hay...

  6. Hi Cai! Grabe ano? It's really hard to find a good yaya these days. We have our share of horror stories too. Hay. Hope you find one soon! Pray tayo kay Mama Mary that she send you one that will care for Y as if she was her own! :) Praying for you! God bless!

  7. I'll email you!

  8. Thank you Mama Tina! 

  9. Buti nalang may Nanny cam kayo! Good
    luck with the search. It's hard to find trusted and hard working help - yaya or cook or all around. Weird kase we're so good to them compared to the way the generation of our parents and grandparents treated the help. They have a lot more privileges and benefits now yet they are worse workers.

  10. True! I'm very linient with the yaya, I don't know if she really cares about her job and my child or it's just all about the money at pineperahan lang ako. And they eat more than us, coffee, sugar, laundry detergent all you can sila. Hay... I really hope I find a one soon!

  11. Hi!  Hope you could post info as to where you got your nanny cam? :)  

  12. applesanddumplingsMay 2, 2012 at 9:12 AM

    Hi Jackie! I'll email you about my nanny cam. :)