Of Meltdowns and Tantrums

Y is 18 months today! :) Where did time go? Oh how time flies nga naman!

The last few days was hard. Meltdowns and tantrums all over! Y was extra clingy and would threw a tantrum with the littlest reason. It drained me. With me 23 weeks along and getting heavier by the week, I can't carry Y longer than 5 minutes. Hay...

Is this terrible two kicking in early? I think so! Sometimes it drives me crazy. How do I deal with it? Sometimes i want to scream


  1. I ignored Matteo most of the time.  It worked! He stopped crying when he realized I didn't care if he kicked and screamed his head off. 

  2. I ignored Matteo most of the time, and it worked! :)

  3. yup, you shouldn't make a big deal when they have tantrums. because if you give in, they will learn to do that everytime they don't get what they want

  4. applesanddumplingsMarch 26, 2012 at 10:01 AM

    I ignore her too but sometimes the yaya is the one who makes suyo kaya nakakainis. One time she threw a tantrum, and the next day she was sick. I felt guilty naman. Haha.. hay.. being a parent is hard.