20 Weeks

I'm 20 weeks this week. I've gotten bigger, gained 7lbs! I gained back what I lost during the 1st trimester! And I'm bigger than when I was pregnant with Y. The OB advised to cut back on carbs and sugar to avoid me from gaining extra weight, or else I might develop gestational diabetes which I don't want to have. I've been eating anything I want, which is bad. So now, I'm cutting back. :(

I can feel baby#2's movement already, especially when I'm eating. We're excited to know the gender! We'll know in 3 weeks! I'll be doing my blood test and OGCT also, so we're doing the ultrasound at the same time. Can't wait to know the gender, but I'm not looking forward to the OGCT!

I'm lazier, heavier, and sluggish at 5 months.. what more in the next few months? I can't sit on the floor then stand up over and over. I can't run around with Y anymore. Tumatakbo na ang bulilit! With all of that, I still love being pregnant! Yeah, I do. Except for the morning sickness and all that. I like rubbing my tummy, feeling the little one move while I'm eating, and all the joy that comes with being pregnant! (BOS, I love being pregnant but I don't want another baby soon LOL!)

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