VBAC Thoughts

Vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) refers to the practice of delivering a baby vaginally after a previous baby has been delivered through caesarean section (surgically). - From Wiki
I wanted to gave birth naturally, I wanted to feel labor pains, the pushing, and everything that comes with it. I'm not scared of pain. But alas, I labored but didn't feel any pain. I didn't get to push. I labored for 7 hours but I got stuck at 5cm, so I was whisked to the delivery room and gave birth to Y thru C-section.

My husband knows I wanted to give birth naturally. I was disappointed and frustrated that I didn't. When I had my follow-up check up with my OB, I asked her if I can still give birth naturally, and she said NO. My heart sank. Now that I'm pregnant again, I want to give birth naturally (if possible). VBAC is not popular in the Philippines. And I think doctors here are afraid to take the risk. Some require a 4-year gap. I'm still reading and researching about VBAC.

I'm inspired by The Milk Lady's blog post. She had a VBA2C! Only she went to Davao to give birth because she found an OB who's based there. I don't think I can do the same. So I'm looking one that is based in Manila. I actually found one but I have yet to consult her.

I have high hopes! But I won't force it if it's really not ideal or possible!

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  1. my OB told me about VBAC too and her attitude towards it was very positive, parang doable talaga siya. although she keeps telling me to wait three years before trying for baby number two. hope your pregnancy is going well. CS or normal, as long as you bring a baby into the world, you are immensely blessed! :-) 

  2. Thanks Aimee! Baby and I are doing well! Who's your OB? :) Panu yan, 1 year 9 months lang c Y by the time I gave birth. I really want to try a normal delivery! Plus if you deliver CS the second time, no Philhealth reimbursement anymore :(