Four Days To Go...

Before my shobe's wedding! I'm no longer the matron of honor, because I got pregnant. So I had to be replaced! May pamahiin pa lang ganon? Anyways, it's fine with me because I no longer had to lose weight to fit into a dress, I can be as fat as I want because I'm allowed to be because I'm pregnant! Right?!

We bought coat, pants, shirt and shoes for the BOS. It's his first time to wear anything formal. Rakista kasi! Mas mahal pa ang outfit niya compare to mine! Haha! Oh, he needs a haircut pala! I bought a new dress too, very very cheap formal dress! And since I can't wear heels, I bought new sandals too! As in flat sandals. My mom won't let me wear even kitten heels. But it's fine, para naman sakin! I have to get my eyebrows groomed and have a mani/pedi.

But the most special thing happening is... Y will be a flower girl! Yay! Excited mommy! I hope Y will walk down the aisle (sans me, but I doubt that she will, but we're crossing our fingers!). She doesn't like big crowds so I hope hindi siya dumugin ng mga tao or else she'll just cry the whole time. I want her to be cute as she can be!

Four days to go!