Y's Birthday Series: Chai Mungcal

This is a month late already.. I still got posts on Y's birthday on my draft folder. Pictures from the other photographer is still not with us :(

The BOS was the one who is in charge of getting the photographer and he got Chai Mungcal as one of our photographers. She's not actually an events/party photographer, she's a fashion photographer and the BOS likes how she takes photos, I saw her work on some the blogs I follow, and I like her too. She's a fashion blogger and cosplayer too, I think. I trust hubby's eye for photography so we got her!

She came early on the day of the party. Good. She's shy and quiet. Hehe :) I think this was her first time to cover a party. We got the pictures a week and a half later. She gave us the edited photos.

Here are some of the party photos! Enjoy!
 The centerpiece. I provided the small plush toy.
 Dessert Table
 Y in her 2nd outfit
 Buffet Table
 The Chubster doing his tricks!
Thank you Chai for covering our party! Super love the photos!

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