Trip to the Homeland Realizations

I'm back from my 4-day trip to Hong Kong! I had a different feeling from this trip. I don't know why but it was different.

Here are my thoughts and realizations:
1. It's my first time to be away from Y for a long period. I felt I was away for a week!
2. I was not as excited like before whenever we go to HK. Probably because of #1 and because I didn't really have an "agenda" like before (ex. buying a new designer bag hahaha!).
3. While I was there, it made me wonder what if I made that leap of faith two years ago to go to HK to work. Good thing I didn't! Their condo units are so small and expensive. I don't think I could live that way. Haha! And I would not have BOS and Y!
4. I wish Manila have more parks for kids to run around, public libraries, and sidewalks conducive for walking.
5. I love Hong Kong's Transportation System! So convenient and I don't feel scared and paranoid of getting held up!
6. I kind of wished I knew how to speak Cantonese. Both my parents are fluent. I just know a few words and understand phrases, I wish I know more.
7. I hope I could bring Y to HK every year or once in two years like my parents did when we were little. Wishing! Haha!
8. This trip made me realize how long it has been since we have traveled with both my parents and siblings all together! Last was New Year 10 years ago.
9. Their Octopus Card System  and HK ID rocks!

Still, I'm glad to be back home with the BOS and Y! More fun and stories about my trip up next!

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