My The Spa Experience + Errands

Last Saturday, I had a little me-time. I had a The Spa GC which I got from my sister for the longest time and I've been long complaining about my back ever since my HK trip. So last Friday, I called The Spa Power Plant to schedule a deep-tissue massage for Saturday (I figured I always have Swedish massage, so I picked Deep Tissue!)
It's my first time to try out The Spa. My scheduled massage was 1230PM, I got there before 12NN. I picked up my personalized cuff with Y's name, walked around a bit, and went to The Spa around 1215PM.
The place was so chic! Ang shala! The staff were nice. After paying, one staff accompanied me to my suite and offered me a cup of Ginger Tea. I'm not much of a tea drinker (except for milk tea), but I loved the tea! Tangy, spicy, and sweet, perfect!
I had my own suite, with a personal shower and steam. I took a shower and a steam for about 15 minutes. Then I pressed a button where it will tell the staff that I'm ready for my massage!
Sorry for the dark pictures!
Massage lasted 60 minutes. My therapist, Cora, was good. Though I was expecting more, deep tissue massage is much like Swedish massage na hard. Still, I enjoyed it. I feel so refreshed after! I had another cup of tea before I left.

After my massage, I was super hungry! I went to Washington to have the battery of my watch replaced, bought toothbrushes at PCX, also bought some stuff at Baby Company, picked up my dry-cleaning and I bought a Big Mac and ate it in the car.

My Saturday was short and sweet. I hurried home to be with the BOS and Y. :)

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