Hong Kong: Day 1

I'm making a Hong Kong Series post apart from this Hong Kong kwento of mine!

My planned HK trip was supposed to be next year pa but my achi got pregnant and didn't want to risk traveling while she's pregnant so she gave her ticket to me! Yay! Our tickets were the free ones from HSBC! About a week before, I was worried I won't have pocket money to spend but my mom reminded me that I still got HKD left from my last trip to HK 2 years ago and true enough, I have HKD kept in my cash box! Weee shopping na ito!

This trip was mainly me-time, tax refund stuff, and shopping trip! I didn't shop for a long time to able to give Y a nice 1st birthday party!

Our flight was 6:10AM the day after Pedring ravaged the sea walls of Roxas Blvd, we were kind of worried our flight will get cancelled but it didn't! We're on the same flight with the Azkals!

Watched True Blood on the plane!
We arrived at around 8:10AM in Hong Kong, immigration was a breeze! That's why I love my HK ID! No need to line up, just my ID and fingerprint, and I'm good! 
We took the Cityflyer bus going to our hotel. We took the A11 bus, fare costs 40HKD for one way ticket and 60HKD for a round trip ticket. It's a 45-minute to 1 hour trip from the airport to Causeway Bay, good thing there's an onboard Wifi! It's fast and kept me updated on twitter for an hour! I even got to pump because there's just a few passengers! Oh oh, I love double-decker buses that's why I always ride on the top haha!
Cute Marc Jacobs ad on a tram
We got to our hotel around 10:30AM, check-in time was 12NN so we had lunch first! We always eat at this congee place whenever we're in HK. I had the Century Egg with Pork Blood congee plus a side order of Plain Rice Rolls with XO sauce and the staple HK milk tea! Yummm! 
After having lunch, my mom and aunt went to the bank. While me and my shoti went to Windsor House to check out Toys R Us and Eugene Baby (will do a separate post!) then to IKEA where I bought a few stuff. We went back to the hotel, waited for them in the lobby and took advantage of the free WIFI, finally checked-in, rested for a while then trooped our way to Mong Kok.

There's nothing much to see anymore in Mong Kok Ladies Market. Well if you're going to buy sneakers, it's the place to be. We checked out Mong Kok Computer Centre where I ended up buying my portable 1TB HD for 699HKD. After all the walking, we had dinner at Cafe de Coral, a popular fast food in Hong Kong. Mom and aunt had their asado, chicken and duck fix, while me and shoti had steak!

We were all tired by the time we got to the hotel. But they made a pitstop at Wellcome, while me I had my dessert fix!

There was still time to shop and walk around but we all woke up at 3AM, so we were all dead tired. I pumped and washed my breast pump then hit the sack!

Up next: Hong Kong Day 2!

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