Y's Birthday Series: The Theme

When I started planning Y's party, there was no theme in mind. I don't really want to settle for those character themes, it's overused already. (Sorry, if I get anyone offended. But this is my blog, I can say anything I want!) I read and read a lot of blogs on party planning to get ideas! At first I wanted a monkey or Curious George theme, but the BOS didn't want that so we brainstormed/conceptualized for more party themes, and we ended up with a Tiger Theme... because that's her Chinese zodiac. Creative? Not really haha!

I wasn't really set on the theme at first but the BOS really wanted the theme, so I had to go for it. He asked her friend to do a design study for the invitations, cupcake toppers, giveaway labels, photo booth layout, and thank you cards. (May ganung churva pala.. LOL!) Next, the color theme! The final colors where light blue, orange, brown, and white. Basta, I was all hesitant at first with the theme and colors, not until I saw the sample invitations and labels. They were so cute!!!! So it was a GO, GO, GO!

Tune in and check my blog for more updates on Y's Birthday Series!

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