The Partygoer!

We attended a neighbor's 6th birthday party last two Saturdays ago. It was held in our compound's admin hall. It's a small and simple party for the kids in our compound. I think Y is the youngest attendant!
Mommy, put my shoes on, let's go party! 
The theme as PvZ, there was a Nachos food cart, Dirty Ice Cream, and a candy corner! I think party decors, food cart, loot bags and host were from kiddie-party. Food was Jollibee! I let Y ate some ice cream, few bits of nachos, and Jolli Spaghetti which she enjoyed eating! I didn't get to take picture of Y eating because she was sitting on my lap while I fed her.
She was clapping along with the kids while watching the magic show. There was one game where the host asked a bunch of kids to shout "Happy" to which Y replied with a very loud "HAAAAAAAA!" Nagulat ako! Haha.. She did that twice. Naintindihan nya sinabi ng host? Haha! My yaya was so bibo at the party. Sumali siya sa pabitin at piƱata to get candies and a prize for Y! Para naman daw meron ang alaga nya. Haha! She even let Y touched the doves na part ng magic show!

I enjoyed the party! Y enjoyed the party! Now I sort of have an idea how will the party go on Y's birthday. I had no idea what to buy for the game prizes. Now I think I know what to buy na din. It's less than a month away na lang!!! Y, you're 11 months na! How did that happen???

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