Maud Momma

I told you about the shoes I won from a blog giveaway right?

Well, they came in the mail last Tuesday! And I'm a proud Maud Momma!
They are so pretty! :) This might be the highest (in heels) shoes I ever own! I don't wear heels a lot even before I was a mom. But when I saw what Denise is giving away, I just can't let it pass and not join! And I WON!
I LOVE that it is a platform and has thick heels!
It's a tad bit bigger but it's okay. I have wide feet so an allowance is good. I wore right away after opening the package haha! I gave Y a piggy back ride while walking in heels! O diba?
I have yet to take this baby out for a spin. But I just have to say it again, I LOVE IT!

Thank you again to Denise and Shoe Etiquette! I hope I win more blog giveaways!

P.S. I emailed Denise that the pumps were a tad big and she was nice enough to exchange it to a size smaller! Yay! I haven't sent it back yet but will do today or tomorrow! :D

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