What I've Been Up To

In between the mid-life crisis, the busy home front, is us planning Y's birthday. I started planning in April then got tamad then continued planning last month. It's less than two months to go! At first, I was planning to get my friend as the party planner. At first, she was replying to my SMS and emails, then she disappeared like a bubble! She's planning her own wedding so.. the BOS and I decided to do it on our own. Though, I still got the service of a party planner to do the decors and look for a host.

I won't mention any details right now. After the birthday na lang, para SURPRISE!!! :D I can't wait to see the outcome of it! I spent months looking for the "right" venue, cancelled on a host we really wanted (Sad!), called churches, browsed thru blogs to get the theme of what we wanted, went to Divisoria... whew! There's still a lot!!!

No, we're not having a bongga party. We're also not having a character themed party. It will be a simple event for family and friends only!

So far we have the ff:
Venue and Food
Cake and Cupcakes
Giveaway containers
Ninongs and Ninangs

Ang konti pa lang pala! Haha.. Anyways, that's it! Will blog our Divi Day and Varekai on my next entry!


  1. Yes same day! :) Buti di ka pa nagpapanic. Haha.. Nasstress na nga kami.

  2. September 4. :) Will you also be celebrating Y's birthday on the same day?

  3. When's your baby's party? Konti pa lang yan. So many things I need to do pa haha!

  4. Wow, ang dami mo nang natapos! I'm tinatamad pa to plan Chace's party. So far Venue at Church palang natatapos ko. hahaha! - Joan Lo

  5. thanks mommy fleur! thanks din to your blog i got some ideas from it :) see you soon!

  6. Good luck girl! Advance happy birthday to Y! I can't wait to see the birthday party photos! =)