I'm Going to La La Land... and a Challenge!!!

La La Land means Hong Kong!!! Well, in two months that is. Sounds like I'm more excited with this trip than Y's Birthday Party noh? Haha.. Of course not! And by challenge.. I mean a boobs challenge!

Ok, that means, I'm on a shopping ban (actually, matagal na akong banned!). I can only buy Y's needs and of course for the house. The rest will have to wait! Oohh I can imagine myself going wild at H&M! But of course may budget! Can't wait to eat, shop, eat, shop!

I'm not bringing Y with me. :( Yeah, maybe when she's older and maybe when I'm ready to take her traveling with me. Ngayon, mall ka muna!

Not bringing Y with me means I have to have stock of expressed milk. Hmmm.. How will I do that??? Yan ang challenge ngayon! I've got to have at least 100oz of expressed milk stored by the time I leave for HK. Possible? YES! Doable? EWAN KO! I have to deal with a week of low milk supply a month. But I'm up for it! I've got two months to do it!

Let's see if I can do it! I hope I can. I CAN!


  1. Effective ba Anmum Lacta?

  2. Drink/ Papak kna ng Anmum Lacta as early as now. It'll increase your milk supply :)