My Almost Stranded Story

It's another rainy long weekend! It's been raining all week long, full forced rain last Thursday because of the typhoon Falcon. I almost got stranded in the office because the street in front of our office building was flooded! I parked outside that day and way farther than my usual parking space, that made me doubly worried. Our other car got Ondoyed, I don't want it to happen again!

My time-out is 6:21PM that day. But when I went down, a lot of people were just standing outside. Stranded. I don't want to risk driving and getting stuck in traffic for long hours, so I decided to go back to the office. I charged my phone, called home to check on Y, called the BOS to check where he is. I was going back and forth to the window of our office to check on traffic and the flood. It was slow moving. Rain was erratic. Wind was strong. I had nothing else to do. I was on Twitter to check on MMDA updates. Many were stuck in traffic, turned around, took long hours before getting to their destination/home. The BOS got home around 7:30PM. I was still in the office. He said he'll come to fetch me, he's going to commute.

He arrived 9PM, I went down. He walked in the flood to get to the car. Yeah he did. I won't dare do that. Haha.. He parked it near the sidewalk so I won't have to walk in the flood. But it's still traffic! Taft was a haywire. No one dare to pass thru NBI/PGH Area. We braved that area, turned right on Padre Faura - there was no FLOOD or TRAFFIC. Woohooo... we passed Roxas Blvd, Anda Circle, North Harbor Port Area, no traffic at all! We got home in less than an hour. It's a good thing the BOS came and fetched me. My hero!

It's still raining now, but the sky is clearer. Stay safe and dry everyone!

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