My Weekend Roundup

Y had her scheduled pedia visit and monthly vaccine. She had her first flu vaccine yesterday. As usual, she didn't cry at all. She didn't even winced at all. Such a brave little girl, just like her mommy! Proud mommy! My mom said I was like that when I was a baby (I still am! Harhar!) I'm not afraid of needles!
All smiles after her vaccine. Parang walang nangyari!
That morning, she watched an episode of Barney. She just sat on her high chair. But being her makulit self, she got bored! So I just took her pictures.
That night, I cooked BOS some Fish and Chips (recipe from here). We both like Fish and Co's version. So I thought instead of eating out, I have some halibut fillet in the freezer, why not cook at home? Sorry, I don't have pictures. I was haggard and hungry after cooking that we just ate them all up! It's not as good as Fish and Co's but the BOS said he liked it. I was happy! Oh, I used lager beer (San Miguel Super Dry) for the batter instead of stout beer as I can't find any in the grocery!

Today I woke up to a sleeping Y. Usually she wakes up first and wakes us up.
Chubby cheeks!!!
When I got home, took a bath, and played with Y. Here we were testing out the new play mat her Gwama got for her! Yay!

Today Gwakong requested that Y goes to the mall with him. Of course we said Yes! After lunch, we went to the nearest Robinsons. Feeling nostalgic again! Haha..
Y in Gingersnaps Dress (bought on sale!)
It was a short trip to the mall. Y was tired and sleeping after two hours so we decided to go home. She woke up when we got home. And here's our little tigress getting a massage from her papa. She likes it when we massage her legs LOL!
Papa, take your time massaging me while I watch my Barney.
She slept an hour after we gave her daily sponge bath.

What a weekend! It was all fun. I love every minute I spend with my family!

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