Things I Love!

Things I Love as of the moment..

1. Indigo Baby's Jar of Hope and Jar of Love
Y's first mosquito bite on her neck. Wawa.
With Y's bad cough last week and mosquito bites in between, the Jar of Hope and Jar of Love were a lifesaver! I rubbed some Jar of Love on Y's chest and back. She was also taking medicine but I think rubbing this helped. And for Y's mosquito bites, I just dabbed some Jar of Hope and they were a gone after a day or two. Yay! Next on my to-buy list is their sun block!

2. Grandma's Secret Spot Remover

I L-O-V-E this product! As in LOVE talaga. Now that Y is seven and a half months, and learning how to resist and slap and remove our hands when I feed her her vitamins. It is chaos! Vitamins splattered all over her beddings, shirts, lampins, and her burp pads, this product is heaven sent!!! Just drop on stained part, have it washed, and stain is gone! Works on vitamins syrup stains, and that kind of stain is hard to wash, so it means it really works!!!

3. Board Books!

Y enjoys being read to and looking at pictures. She reads with me, making humming sounds. Cute! Most of her board books are bought from Book Sale and Books & Mags. Just make sure to check out the book first for rips or torn pages. My favorite are the Curious George books! Each board book costs around 95 - 125 pesos. Not bad at all, considering some of them are in good condition! I try to buy her a book every month. Now she has Guess How Much I Love You, Goodnight Gorilla, The Runaway Bunny, and three Curious George Look and Feel books!

4. Caffeine Free Coca-Cola

Yes, I'm a Coke drinker/lover. Since I breastfeed, I have to limit my caffeine intake. Pag regular Coke, isang sip lang. I knew about this variety of Coke for a while now. It's available in S&R and I also saw it in a grocery store in Ongpin. The taste is almost similar to the regular one! Solve na ako! So when I'm craving for Coke, I drink this instead. Or I drink 7-Up if this is not available. Hehe!

5. Weekends with Y!
With me being a working mom, I always look forward to weekends and holidays because it means I get to spend my day with Y! And just take pictures and more pictures of her. I get so gigil everytime! :)
Trying out our Combi carrier!
In Zara Rockwell with my papa!
Mornings with my cutie patootie!
What things do you love as of the moment? :)