Body Issues!

Y will be seven months on Wednesday. That means it has been seven months since I gave birth, and I haven't lose any weight! This week, I started to eat "healthier" haha! I eat oats now for dinner. I don't snack as often as before. I was kind of hesitant to this because I've read that you can't go on diet when you're breastfeeding. I was afraid it would affect my milk supply! Well, to my surprise, it didn't! It even increased a little, maybe because I was eating oats for breakfast and dinner. I don't really know.

When I was pregnant, I love eating doughnuts! OMG. There's a Dunkin' Donut in my office building and everyday I would buy one or two doughnuts or a bunch of munchkins, and I would wolf them down in just seconds! Thank God I didn't get any problems with my sugar/glucose level when I was pregnant. I also love Krispy Kreme and Starbuck's Doughnuts! In short, I became a sweet tooth! And I think this continued until now! I need to eat something sweet every after meal. Now, how would I lose weight?! This week, I didn't eat so much sweets. I was never a sweet tooth before, so I know I can resist them... LOL!

I think I became complacent with my weight. Pregnancy really changes your body. It's not the same as before. I thought I could lose all these with what I usually do before. Which is nothing! I just limit my food.

Last Friday, while shopping for clothes. I tried so many things, and my arms look like a log! With all the fats and cellulites, my gosh. I die! That's when it really hit hard, I really need to watch what I'm eating, eat less without affecting my milk, I want to be thin again!

I guess I haven't really embraced this body I have now. I don't want to accept this body YET...

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