Belated Birthday Shoes and Baby Oxfords

I got my London Tan Brogues last week. After seeing it at Manila Fashion Observer, I knew I just had to! It's BOS birthday present to me. Yeah it's late but I don't care, I LOVE IT! I found "the one" brogues at last! It's so soft and comfortable! You have to trust me on that, with my wide feet, I have to be maarte when it comes to shoes. I never learned until I met Anthology! I love Anthology! Cape Town and Tokyo, you'll be mine soon! I'm officially an Anthologist. Haha! 

Last month, my sister was bugging me to buy her stuff at UO! She told me pick anything I want, nothing over $50 (haha!), as my birthday gift! Of course, I picked shoes! And after a month of emailing Johnny Air and UO Customer Service because I put the wrong address, package finally arrived last week! Yay!

So presenting to you.. my birthday shoes!!!
Wore it yesterday to work!
plus my new Dwell Studio pouch and Grandma's Secret Spot Remover!
I saw this baby oxfords at Gingersnaps last month! I'm bit so tempted to buy one for Y but decided not to. Sayang lang kasi. Maybe when she's a bigger! There's also floral brogues! Ang dami ko gusto bilhing shoes for Y!
Cute! Sorry for the crappy pic, took it from my iPhone!
Mommy would just have to wait for awhile before buying you shoes again! On my list too are Stride Rite and Saltwater Sandals and Tom's for Kids.. Oh no.. I'm turning into a shoe-holic!

More on Grandma's Secret Spot Remover from Manila Fashion Observer.

P.S. I ordered my London's online and it was hassle free! I even ordered one for my sister. They ship for FREE nationwide!


  1. I'll check Saltwater at Mothercare this weekend! :) Sana may Tom's na same design for kids and adult, I like to get each one for us!

  2. we love saltwater sandals also and very sulit!! easy to clean, soft on N's feet and doesn't hurt at all. on my list is also tom's shoes for N! :D