Y, The Cooking Pot, and The Stroller

Y will be 6 months old this coming Sunday. Her personality is starting to show. She gets so loud in morning when she wakes up. She's actually my alarm clock now. I show her her pictures from on phone or on my laptop, and she talks to it! So cute! Same thing when she sees her reflection. She gets so amused with herself!

Reflection on the cooking pot
Chubby cheeks! Sarap kurutin!

We took the stroller out of the box so we can test if Y will like sitting on it. She does! She doesn't like it when no one is pushing it, though.

Y looks like a boy, noh?
Can't wait to take her out on Sunday!

And here she is, looking so happy while playing in her crib!

Tomorrow's Friday na. I'm excited for the weekend. I need to rest at the same time. I hope I get to rest! 

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