A Long List

My To Do List is piling up. With so much things to do I don't know where to start. I'm making a list here so I can just go back to this entry and cross out whatever I've accomplished. Sana magawa ko kahit isa. LOL!

1. Long overdue pictures from my Maternity Email Stork Studio.
2. Find the charger of my Lumix ASAP! Just unearthed this last night
3. Do I need to start planning Y's (my dumpling, I'll call her Y na lang mas mabilis!) 1st birthday party and baptism?
4. Get a NSO copy of Y's birth certificate
5. Make a bank account for Y
6. Be credit free from my CCs
7. Remember my payroll bank account so I can enroll it online!
7. Buy stuff for the house:
    * Dish Rack
    * Cup/Glass Rack
    * Utensils Container/Orgainzer
    * Water Dispenser
    * Toaster
    * Pitcher
    * Ice Cube Tray
    * Hamper
    * Bathroom Mat/Rug
    * Iron at Kabayo
    * Organizing Trays
    * Shoe Rack
    * Hooks
    * Full-length Mirror
    * Side Table
    * Small Dresser
    * Mattress and Beddings for the Crib
    * Shower
    * Faucet
    * Trash Can (2 or 3)

Ang dami! I'll get to them slowly but surely. We (husband and I) don't like rushing into buying things, except when we  fell in love with a certain furniture/equipment or whatever it is, we buy it on the spot or we walk it off and come back to it when we're ready to buy it. This happened when we were looking for bar stools. It took us a month or more before finding the ones we liked. Kahit na more than our budget, go lang! But now with the baby, we need to adjust that but that's all well. Y is our top priority!

Now, next is finding these stuff! How I wish we have IKEA here. Since wala, to SM we go!

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